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Front Fork Preload Adjusters, Pair, Blue/Red. CBR500R

£ 159.99

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Front Fork Preload Adjusters, Pair, Blue/Red CBR500 Series

These fully functional preload adjusters replace the blank end caps on the stock CBR500R, CB500 and CB500X front suspension. These caps allow the rider to increase or reduce the amount of preload on the internal springs, which in turn, effectively increases or reduces the stiffness of the front forks allowing for a better set up for your riding style or conditions.

This modification allows preload to be reduced (softer) from the stock setting by 3mm, and increased (stiffer) by 9mm, giving a total 12mm adjustment.

Supplied in Blue and Red anodised finish, these adjusters are as beautiful as they are functional.

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Additional information

Weight 0.185 kg
Dimensions 17.54 x 11.7 x 8.77 cm


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