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JAP4 BUELL Carbon/Kevlar Frame Covers (fits many models)

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WOOCS 2.2.0
SKU: JCBU-2001

Product Description

JAP4 BUELL Carbon/Kevlar Frame Covers (fits many models)

Fits to models:
2002 Firebolt XB9R,
2003 Firebolt, XB9S,
2004 XB12R, XB9R, XB12S, XB9S,
2005 XB12R, XB9R, Lightning CityX XB9SX, Lightning XB12S,
2007 XB9R Firebolt, XB12R Firebolt, XB12S Lightning, XB12Scg Lightning,
2008 XB9SX CityX, XB12R Firebolt, XB12S Lightning, XB12SCG Lightning,
2009 Firebolt XB12R, Lightning XB9SX, Lightning XB12Scg,
2010 XB9SX, XB12R, XB12Scg

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Additional Information

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 60 x 20 x 10 cm


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