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Kit, Fairing Set, (GRP), NC35 T13

£ 710.00

SKU: BPFS-0115


Kit, Fairing Set, (GRP), NC35 T13

Newly introduced for 2013, the T13 body kit has been designed to be both contemporary and stylish and provide an updated alternative to our popular RC211V kits. The GRP panels this kit uses are made from high quality epoxy resin which is both light and flexible. We also make the same kit but extensive use of carbon fiber, see BPFS-0116.

This set of bodywork requires modification of the NC35 including a tank cover, a meter stay and all the other components listed below which are also available separately

*A clear screen is provided unless you specify tinted in the comment box at check out.

Please note some photos show the carbon version of this kit. The shape is identical to this kit.



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Additional information

Weight 5.76 kg
Dimensions 97.19 x 64.79 x 48.59 cm


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