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Kit, Seat Set, GRP (Race), MC28 GP-T

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SKU: BPFS-0134


Kit, Seat Set, GRP (Race), MC28 GP-T

This set of bodywork is designed to replace the stock seat cowling with the race version of our GP-T Street Seat cowling and includes all parts needed to do the conversion. It is suitable for the MC28 but also an MC21 fitted with an MC28 fuel tank. The kit comprises parts shown below which are also available separately.

Note there are 4 MC28 GT-T seat cowling kits to choose from:

BPFS-0133 Street GRP

BPFS-0134 Race GRP

BPFS-0135 Street Carbon

BPFS-0136 Race Carbon

Note, some pictures below show the street version with taillight and turn signals which are not included in this kit.


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Additional information

Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 66.04 x 44.03 x 33.02 cm


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