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Kit, Seat Set, GRP, (Street), NC35 GP-T

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SKU: BPFS-0149


Kit, Seat Set, GRP, (Street), NC35 GP-T

This modern fairing, designed in-house by TYGA Performance, is the culmination of 15 years of experience developing bodywork for the NC35. As well as bringing the NC35 up to date, it also offers huge weight saving and easy fitment and removal. The seating position is higher and roomier compared to the stock NC35 postition, bringing it into line with modern sports bikes ergonomics. The seat pad is designed to give plenty of feedback for race use and the cowling has plenty of space for tucking in behind the fairing along the straights. The seat cowling is designed so that the fuel tank can be removed while leaving the seat cowling installed, allowing for quick jetting changes etc.

The kit is supplied with all mounting hardware including subframe and battery box. The taillight used in this kit, is LED and may not comply with road use regulations in some territories,( though we have not heard of any issues after selling them worldwide for ten years).

Like all our fairings, this product uses only the best epoxy resins and high quality fabrics to give a strong, light and flexible panel. All our products are hand made by our skilled craftsmen and are built to a very high standard.

As well as this seat cowlng set BPFS-0149 which is made using GRP (glass reinforced plastic) which is primed and ready for paint**, we offer a similar product using carbon fiber panels finished in high gloss UV protective clearcoat. See BPFS-0151

** We recommend trial fitting and making and minor adjustments before painting


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Weight 4.79 kg
Dimensions 115 x 45 x 37 cm


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