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Lower Cowling (GRP),NSR250, RSW style, Assy.

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Lower Cowling (GRP),NSR250, RSW style, Assy.

Modelled on the RSW GP race bike design and adapted to fit the NSR250, this lower cowling represents the ultimate in fairing design for the NSR. Keeping the width to an absolute minimum, the design gives maximum clearance with the track at high angles of lean. Other features include a vent underneath and improved design giving excellent finish both inside and out. Weight is now only approx. 1 kg but strength retained using a lip around the edge.

This product is supplied with spacers to place between fairing and rear lower mounts to ensure clearance with exhaust chambers.

Compatible products:

This product must be used with BPFU-9012

This lower cowling is designed to be used with stock or race systems though some spacing may be necessary to get clearance with chambers:
1. stock systems, fit with no spacing but will need a small part of the indent on the lower vent removed to clear the chamber. We can modify the lower to fit the stock chambers if requested
2. Tyga chambers require some spacing but no cutting. On some systems (particularly MC28) no spacing is necessary
3. Other systems, can not advise, but should require only spacing or possibly cutting of front of lower where front cylinder header exits.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 86.15 x 57.44 x 43.08 cm


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