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Race Airbox Lid (Carbon), MC21/MC28

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Race Airbox Lid (Carbon), MC21/MC28

The stock airbox is restricted by the size of the inlet holes on the lid which limits the amountof power that can be unleashed from the NSR250. By replacing the stock airbox lid with the TYGA Performance version, the inlet to the airbox is more than doubled in size and the flow improved by having one large trumpet.

This product is a direct replacement for the stock one and uses all the stock hardware. It even has an ‘O’ ring groove so by removal and re-use of the stock airbox lid ‘O’ ring, a perfect seal with the airbox can be retained. A mesh is supplied in the airbox to hold the stock air filter securely in position.

As well as potential power improvements over the stock airbox, there is no denying it certainly looks a lot more trick than the Honda one too!


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Weight 0.265 kg
Dimensions 27.19 x 18.13 x 13.59 cm


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