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Seat Cowling, (GRP), MC18, GP-T

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Seat Cowling, (GRP), MC18, GP-T

We make three versions of our NSR250. MC18, GP-T seat cowling for use for the MC18 in different race and street sets. This product includes ONLY the seat cowling for replacement in the event of an accident or can be used for a project bike of another model. For the MC18, we recommend ordering one of the complete kits below (BPFS-****) which includes all the necessay parts to complete the modification. For installation of any other model the customer will need to make the necessary modifications,

BPFS-0160 (GRP,Street)

BPFS-0161(GRP Race)

BPFS-0162 (Carbon,Street)

The advantages of this seat cowling over stock include:

  • – use with rest of seat cowling kit, much lighter than stock
  • – new design allows for integrated LED Tail light ( BPLT-0009) for flush fitment and new lighter registration/license plate holder ( BPFX-9133). For race use, location for LED Tail light acts as air vent
  • – higher at the rear, to give the bike a more agressive stance
  • – better rider control by use of enclosed seat area
  • – improved strength with precision in design and fitment

Tyga Performance Compatible Parts for this Product:

This product is compatible with:

  • BPFX-9035, BPFX-9335, BPCX-9035 and BPCX-9335 Undertray, MC18, GP-T
  • TYLY-0183 Subframe, MC18, GP-T
  • BPFX-9235 Seat Support, MC18, GP-T
  • BPSP-0006 Seat Pad, GP-T
  • BPAC-0001 Rear Brake Reservoir Kit,
  • BPLT-0009 LED Taillight
  • BPFX-9133 Registration Plate Holder GP-T


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Additional information

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 75.29 x 50.19 x 37.65 cm


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