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Seat Cowling, (GRP), MC28 GP-T

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Seat Cowling, (GRP), MC28 GP-T

We now make four versions of our NSR250 GP Race seat cowling for use for the MC28 in 8 different race and street sets. This product includes ONLY the seat cowling for replacement in the event of an accident or can be used for a project bike of another model. For the MC28, we recommend ordering one of the complete kits below (BPFS-****) which includes all the necessay parts to complete the modification. For installation of any other model the customer will need to make the necessary modifications,
BPFS-0133 (GRP,Street) 
BPFS-0134 (GRP Race)
BPFS-0135 (Carbon,Street) 
BPFS-0136 (Carbon, Race)
The advantages of this seat cowling over stock include:

– use with rest of seat cowlign kit, much lighter than stock
– new design allows for integrated LED Tail light ( BPLT-0008) for flush fitment and new lighter registration/license plate holder ( BPFX-9006). For race use, location for LED Tail light acts as air vent

– higher at the rear, to give the bike a more agressive stance

– better rider control by use of enclosed seat area

– improved strength with precision in design and fitment


Tyga Performance Compatible Parts for this Product:

This product is compatible with:

BPFX-9033, BPFX-9333, BPCX-9033 and BPCX-9333 Undertray, NSR250 GP-T

TYLY-0108 Subframe, NSR250 GP-T

BPFX-9233 Seat Support, NSR250 GP-T

BPSP-0006 Seat Pad, GP-T

BPAC-0001 Rear Brake Reservoir Kit,

BPLT-0008 LED Taillight

BPFX-9133 Registration Plate Holder GP-T

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Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 66.04 x 44.03 x 33.02 cm


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