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Seat Cowling (GRP), NX5 RS250R, Assy (1995 NSR250 Style)

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Seat Cowling (GRP), NX5 RS250R, Assy  (1995 NSR250 Style)

Although the late model stock shape NX5 RS250R works well, to our eyes it is a bit lacking in lines and we prefer the 1995 factory NSR racer look as ridden by Ukawa and Okada. We therefore decided to make a similar style seat cowling which would be a direct fit for the NX5. The seat uses a lightweight aluminium stay (included)  to relocate the rear mounting bolts from the sides to the seat pad area and is covered underneath for streamlining and protection of the PGM and connectors. It is easy to install and being made from high quality epoxy resins and top quality glass fabric is strong and crash resistant.


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Additional information

Weight 2.15 kg
Dimensions 95 x 56 x 54 cm


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