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Set, Exhaust Chamber, Side By Side Type, Stainless Steel, Aprilia RS-250

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SKU: EXCS-0007


Set, Exhaust Chamber, Side By Side Type, Stainless Steel, Aprilia RS-250

Our Aprilia RS-250 race systems are being used in competition throughout the World and this experience has allowed us to develop our exhausts to be the best available in the market. Our latest systems provide excellent power, ground clearance and weight saving.

Constructed in stainless steel, TYGA Performance combine modern technology and traditional techniques to bring you the best in two stroke chamber design. With the help of advance computer software, and extensive dyno and track testing, we are able to design the optimum chambers for your model motorcycle. Chamber sections are laser cut but this is where the automation ends. All chambers are hand rolled and welded by expert craftsmen to give the level of perfection that you’d expect when purchasing a TYGA Performance exhaust system.

New! Tyga Performance Aprilia exhausts are now supplied with a double ‘O’ ring manifold for superior sealing. In addition, the ‘O’ rings are made from Viton which are resistant to automotive fluids and better able to withstand higher temperatures.

By using stainless steel for longevity and beauty, TYGA systems offer ubeatable value and are available in two configurations.

Please select the system that suits your requirements:
Side by side (left and right exiting) stainless steel chambers, EXCS-0007
GP (conventional twin right exiting) stainless steel chambers, EXCS-0008
We recommend a change of main jet from #270/#280 to #280/290 for fitment with stock bikes.
This product EXCS-0007 is made from stainless steel and has both chambers exiting on the right.

Parts included with this product:
1 x left side chamber, GP (right exiting) stainless steel
1 x right side chamber, GP(right exiting) stainless steel
1 x silencer double clamp and mounting bolt, washers and nuts
2 x manifolds
4 x manifold ‘O’ rings
2 x mounting flanges
4 x mounting springs
Not included are the silencers.




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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 58.75 x 39.17 x 29.38 cm


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