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Set, Pipe, Full Race System, Kawa Z125, Stainless Oval/Carbon End Cap

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WOOCS 2.2.0
SKU: EXPS-0063

Product Description

Set, Pipe, Full Race System, Kawa Z125, Stainless Oval/Carbon End Cap

This full race system has been specifically designed for the Z125 to maximise performance and looks. The header section has a special bulge to reduce the sound level, without sacrificing power. Complete with Lambda boss for 100% compatability with the stock electronics.

The final silencer is constructed using a stainless steel sleeve with a carbon exit cap and a CNC machined aluminium entry cap for a high quality finish, This system increases performance, saves weight and enhances the looks of the bike. The system is supplied with a decbel killer for noise reduction.

Fitting Instructions dB Killer

Performance and Dynograph

The green trace shows the 100% standard Kawasaki Z125, compared to the red trace, which is after installing the TYGA Full System set (EXPS-0063)

A useful gain all through the range, with potential for other engine mods.

Kawasaki Z125 Sound Level Test
Test Method: SAE J2825 Static sound level test for motorcycles
Equipment: DIGICON IEC-651 TYPE II sound meter
RPM TYGA System – No DBK TYGA System – DBK Installed OEM System
Idle 82 73 69
4000 92 84 81
5000 93 85 86
6000 95 87 91

Feel free to request this product with no TYGA logo. we understand not everyone wants their bike to be covered with graphcs and won’t be offended. Simply put in the comment box with your order:  ‘Please supply with no TYGA logo’.


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Additional Information

Weight 2.25 kg
Dimensions 37.57 x 25.04 x 18.78 cm


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