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Set, Pipe, Race System, RC390, 2017-2018 Stainless Oval/Carbon End Cap.

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Set, Pipe, Race System, RC390,2017-2018, Stainless Oval/Carbon End Cap.

This race system has been specifically developed for the KTM RC390 to maximize performance and looks. The dual underseat system eliminates any issues with ground clearance unlike some other systems on the market. In addition, in the event of an accident the exhaust is well protected. Other systems which have the exhaust exiting the right side of the swing arm will usually suffer terminal damage. The silencer is constructed using a stainless steel sleeve with a carbon exit cap and a CNC machined aluminium entry cap for a high quality finish, This system increases performance, saves weight and enhances the looks of the bike. The system is supplied with decibel killers for noise reduction.


Soundlevels EXPS-0061

EXPS-0061 OPEN DBK Fitted

EXPS-0061 OPEN DBK Fitted
Idle 92dB 84dB
2,500rpm 96dB 86dB
5,000rpm 103dB 91dB
5,500rpm 105dB 93dB
7,000rpm 108dB 98dB


This exhaust can be installed on a bike fitted with the cup race bodywork or standard, with passenger pegs installed or removed. It can be installed with stock registration/turn signal holder.

For use with stanadard belly pan, we recommend the installation of the exhaust outlet cover BPFC-7431, and for use without passenger pegs, option carbon exhaust guards are available BPCC-0021L and BPCC-0021R.

Please also see EXPS-0092 for similar system qith Moto Maggot silencers.


Feel free to request this product with no TYGA logo. we understand not everyone wants their bike to be covered with graphcs and won’t be offended. Simply put in the comment box with your order: ‘Please supply with no TYGA logo’. Just let us know your requirements; we want to provide the best possible product for your application

Performance and Dynograph

Please refer to dynograph

A) All Standard.

B) TYGA Serpent Pipe EXPS-0061, PC-V. Airbox/Engine all standard. Custom fuel/ignition map

C) TYGA Serpent Pipe EXPS-0061, PC-V. Airbox lid mod. No Filter. Custom fuel/ignition map

Very useful gains especially in the mid range for both B) and C), for much stronger acceleration.

The silencer was full bore. No decibel killer used.

Fitting Instructions dB Killer

NEW! for the 2017-2018 models we added the EXPT-0003:

Header exhaust, designed for unimpeded flow. Unlike the stock KTM header for the RC390, which has creases and dents to fit between the frame and engine, the TYGA header has been carefully fabricated to retain the round cross sectional area throughout, to avoid turbulent gas flow. Complete with Lambda sensor bung in the original position.

Compatible with the following exhausts:

Compatible with 2014-2016 KTM stock exhaust and other systems using the stock KTM header for those years.

Compatible with 2014-2016 TYGA exhaust systems EXPS-0061 and EXPS-0062

Included with 2017 on TYGA exhaust systems EXPS-0091 and EXPS-0092

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Additional information

Weight 4.949 kg
Dimensions 43.27 x 28.84 x 21.63 cm


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