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Silencer, Carbon/Kevlar, Two Stroke, Assy.

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SKU: EXSL-0004


Silencer, Carbon/Kevlar, Two Stroke, Assy.

This high quality lightweight (0.47 kg) silencer is made from CNC machined end caps joined by a carbon fiber tube. It has a built-in sealing ‘O’ ring and is supplied with stainless steel bolts and washers for fitment.

“Note this product is intended to be used with our exhaust chambers (EXCS-****) and is not a direct replacement part for the stock or other manufacturers’ silencers. If you wish to install our two stroke silencers with a stock chamber, we offer a mounting flange (code TPER-0052 and  TPER-0022) in either stainless or mild steel which can be welded onto the existing chamber and suitable for directly bolting our two stroke silencers to an existing non TYGA chamber. The flange is of course not required if intended to install to a TYGA chamber.”

Compatible Products:

All Tyga Performance Two Stroke chambers sets. Remember to order the correct number of silencers for a complete system!

Other Alternative Products:

EXSL-9005 aluminium

EXSL-0004 carbon/Kevlar


When we receive an order for a chamber set and silencers, the silencers will be badged with the TYGA logo to match the chamber set. If ordering just individual silencers please add in your comments which side you would like the silencer to be badged.


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Additional information

Weight 0.47 kg
Dimensions 22.89 x 15.26 x 11.45 cm


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