Honda NSR250 MC28 GP-T

HONDA NSR250 MC28 Rothmans, GP-T Bodywork

Photos courtesy of TYGA-Performance

Text by Jensen Beeler courtesy of ‘Asphalt and Rubber’ magazine


The Honda NSR250R is a special machine. When the 249cc, two-stroke, 90° v-twin GP bike with lights first hit the streets of Japan, it cost roughly $7,500 in hard-earned American dollars — a tidy sum back then, especially for a 300 lbs machine that made 40hp stock.


A coveted item for motorcycle collectors and discerning track riders a like, you can pick one up for over $10,000, the limited-production road-going version wasn’t terribly different from the 250GP World Championship bikes that factory teams were racing.

So how do you improve upon such a great machine? Ask the folks at TYGA Performance, who have been tinkering with NSR250R sport bikes since they opened in 2000.

All that effort and expertise has culminated in the ultimate NSR250R, an MC28, which will almost make you swear-off large-displacement four-strokes for the rest of your life.


Celebrating 25 years of MC28 Rothmans SP bikes, the guys at TYGA wanted to imagine what a Honda NSR250R would be like if they were still available, made with more modern technology and parts.

A timely thought, as in 2015 we see the resurgence of small-displacement machines on the motorcycle landscape. The downside of that of course is that the 250cc/300cc machines have been budget-spec street bikes, which may be good for new motorcyclists, but are only a halfway-measure for long-time riders who are looking for small, but fast, track weapons.

“If there is a market for this type of bike is debatable, and I am not sure there is but in the car world, there are plenty of people who like smaller lighter cars such as the Lotus,” explained Paul Pearmain, CEO of TYGA Performance.

“It is good to see the re-emergence of the 250/300 class but frustrating that the only models offered are budget ones and the specification well below that which was offered in 1994. I guess you could say, we sort of wanted to embarrass the manufacturers such as Honda who pass off their modern lightweight bikes as sports bikes. They have their merits but they don’t compare to the best of the bunch 20 years ago!”

For the spec-sheet racers, the TYGA-spec NSR250R makes a screaming 75hp (almost double the stock figure), thanks to a 300cc big-bore kit, with some additional porting. Additionally, all the weight-saving pieces have brought the ready-to-go with fuel wet weight to a tune of 115kg (253 lbs).



That’s an impressive power-to-weight ratio, for any size bike, though we think it’s the overall tastiness of the TYGA package that will entice enthusiasts to the performance house’s doorstep. Enjoy the photos and specs below, we certainly did.

Technical Specifications of the 1994 Honda NSR250R MC28 by TYGA Performance:

NSR250 engine modified to 300 CC with TYGA Performance big bore kit with additional porting

Wiseco Pistons
VHM heads
Dry clutch with upgraded springs and plates
Blanked off two stroke injector, pre-mix 30/1
Lightened flywheel

HRC close ratio gearbox
RK Chain
TYGA Performance rear sprocket

Tyga Performance stainless steel with carbon/Kevlar silencers
Exhaust manifolds specially machined to match exhaust ports

HRC key card 030 race unleaded type
HRC RS250 NF5 spark plugs and caps

HRC factory NSR250 Keihin 38 mm test carburetors
HRC RS250 NF5 inlet manifolds with Aktive carbon reeds
HRC RS250 quick action throttle
TYGA Performance custom carbon air-box

HRC NSR250 F3 triple core radiator
HRC NSR250 F3 water pump cover

Frame is stock
TYGA Performance lightweight sub-frame
HRC Swing arm
HRC style rear hub by NSR-World
Tyga Performance rear sets
Yamaha TZR250 3MA handlebars
TYGA Performance lightweight upper stay and meter stay
Ohlins Steering damper

Front end:
CBR600RR forks re-sprung and held in bespoke TYGA Triples

Rear End:
Ohlins NSR250 rear shock S46HR1C1L

Brembo M4 cast monoblock
CBR1000RR radial type master cylinder
Honda RC45 discs
HEL brake lines

Brembo P2 cast caliper with TYGA Performance mounting bracket
HEL brake line (hidden in swing arm)

Front: Honda HRC RS250 Magnesium (17 X3.5)
Rear: Marchesini (17 X 5.5)

Front: Pirelli Diablo Super Corsa 120/70 ZR17
Rear: Pirelli Diablo Super Corsa 160/60/ZR17

TYGA Performance made from lightweight carbon/Kevlar
TYGA Performance custom LED lighting front and rear

Lithium battery
TYGA Performance carbon clutch cover
TYGA Performance carbon generator cover
TYGA Performance swing arm cover
TYGA Performance CNC fuel filler cap
TYGA Performance CNC top triple nut
TYGA Performance pre-load adjusters
TYGA Performance lightweight axle spacers
HRC Rear Brake reservoir
HRC radiator overflow bottle
TYGA Performance carbon fairing mounts with GP quick release fasteners


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