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Handlebar Set, Racing, Silver, KTM RC Series

£ 189.00

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Handlebar Set, Racing, Silver, KTM RC Series.

This handlebar set is designed to be used with our triple clamp TYLY-1073 and allows for adjustability of the handlbars. The stock arrangement has the bars mounted directly to the triple clamp making them unadjustable and prone to causing damage to the triple clamp in the event of an accident. These bars are clamped directly to the fork leg and thus seperates them from the triple clamp making them less likley to be damaged in an accident and easier to repair/replace when they are. It also allows for a great deal of adjustabilty in both height and rotation and the bars are angled downwards slightly for a better position for racing. The clamping part is designed for the stock 51 mm. fork legs and can be used on other motorcycles with the same 51 mm. sized fork legs.

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Weight 0.72 kg
Dimensions 31.15 x 20.77 x 15.58 cm


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