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Kit, GP-T Fairing Set, Street, VJ22 RGV250

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SKU: BPFS-0187


Kit, GP-T Fairing Set, Street, VJ22 RGV250

This modern fairing, designed in-house by TYGA Performance, in the popular GP-T style is now available for the Suzuki RGV250 VJ22. As well as bringing the RGV250 VJ22 up to date, it also offers a useful weight saving and easy fitment and removal. The kit is supplied with all mounting hardware. The headlights used in this kit, are LED and consist of two units either side with 2 on low and 4 on high beam. The system uses a lot less current than conventional halogen systems while at the same time being discrete but stylish. Please note that the headlights do not comply with road use regulations and are unsuitable for high speed riding on unlit roads.

Like all our fairings, this product uses only the best epoxy resins and high quality fabrics to give a strong, light and flexible panel. All our products are hand made by our skilled craftsmen and are built to a very high standard.

* A clear screen is provided unless you specify tinted in the comment box when placing your order.


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Additional information

Weight 4.65 kg
Dimensions 100 x 60 x 55 cm


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