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Set, Pipe, Full Race System, WSS300, (Street) KTM RC390

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SKU: EXPS-0111


Set, Pipe, Full Race System, WSS300, (Street) KTM RC390

This full exhaust system has been conceived to meet WSS300 specifications and carefully designed to squeeze the most power out of the 390. The stainless steel headers are tapered and the sections hand- rolled and welded to give this system incredible looks as well as performance.

And with full spring mounting, fitting and removal of the exhaust is quick and simple. Ideal in a race environment.

By taking advantage of better routing under the engine, the exhaust can be made to optimize dimensions  to exploit the motor’s full potential. In addition, by tucking it up through the swing arm, the exhaust does not have any clearance issues in tight bends and is kept away from side which is the most vulnerable position in the case of an accident, increasing its survivability.

The system features a primary silencer, which helps reduce the sound level without any loss of performance.

The system is also provided with a dB killer as well as a carbon heat shield and a bracket so you can mount this system on the earlier RC390 models which did not have this already on the frame, meaning this exhaust will fit all RC390 models to date.


  • EXPS-0111 and EXPS-0112 ( the full systems) 3.8 kg

Weights Separate parts in the set:

  • Silencer EXSL-0074 : 1.55 kg
  • Final section EXPT-0078: 1.3 kg
  • Header pipe  EXPT-0077: 0.6 kg
  • all other components (manifold clamp, db killer, heat shield hoses etc)  0.35

Sound test of  the full TYGA system back to back with the Akrapovic World Supersport 300 titanium pipe.

As you can see on the chart  below, the sound levels (without DK) are pretty much identical between the two systems. The DK knocks about 5 decibels off everywhere.

Main Pipe Silencer Decidel Killer Idle 3,000rpm 5,000rpm 7,000rpm
Akrapovic Akrapovic N/A 91 95 101 106
Akrapovic TYGA No 91 95 100 106
Akrapovic TYGA Yes 85 90 94 101
TYGA TYGA No 91 95 99 105
TYGA TYGA Yes 85 90 94 100
TYGA Akrapovic N/A 91 95 99 105


Due to the new routing of the exhaust, it is necessary to re-route the water hoses and remove the thermostat, and we provide all the necessary hoses for this conversion. Also, due the exhaust running under the engine, the stock belly pan is not compatible and we provide some alternatives which are not included in the cost of the exhaust.

Compatible TYGA-Performance Belly Pans are:

  • BPFL-7431 ( GRP)
  • BPFL-7431 ( GRP, Painted White)
  • BPCL-7431 (Carbon)

Note, this is what we describe as the ‘Street’ system. The only difference between this and the race one is the silencer is in a more out board position to clear license/Registration place when used on the street. Powerwise, it is identical to EXPS-0112

Fitting Instructions

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Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 50 x 30 x 28 cm


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