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Steering Stopper, MSX125 Grom


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Steering Stopper, MSX125 Grom

This steering stopper is designed specifically for our MRX project to limit steering movement to the confines of the body kit. However, this can be used separately with the standard set up for anyone wanting to limit steering movement. Easy to install and fits in minutes.

Fitting Instructions:

Remove the front brake stay and the horn wiring stay from the lower triple clamp temporarily. Install the steering stopper as shown in the photo Reinstall the stays in the standard position holding the steering stopper in place. Test to make sure the steering operates smoothly and no wires, cables or hoses are getting pinched or rubbing on anything they shouldn’t do

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Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 14.33 x 9.55 x 7.16 cm


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