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Triple Clamp Set, CNC Black, RVF400

£ 499.00

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Triple Clamp Set, CNC Black, NC35 RVF400

These stylish, all aluminium triple clamps are a direct replacement for the notoriously easy to bend, OEM NC35 triple clamps, and with the help of FEA testing not only do they look fanstastic, but they perform!

They are delivered ready to fit with all necessary bearings and lower seal, and even an aluminium top clamp nut, to complete the transformation. The top clamp has the ‘bolt-on’ ignition switch/lock holder fitted, which can be removed for racing.

The Steering stoppers are reversible, giving maximum steering lock for street application, or a reduced angle for racing.

Designed and CNC machined in house by TYGA from aircraft spec 6061-T6 alloy.

Tightening recommendations:

Lower clamp pinch bolts: 23Nm.

Top clamp pinch bolts: 23Nm.

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Additional information

Weight 2.355 kg
Dimensions 38.59 x 25.72 x 19.29 cm


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